How to Build Greater Confidence in the New Year

With the cheer of Christmas upon us, it’s that time of the year again when magic comes alive and along with it– the feelings that everything is possible, if you truly believe it.

With the New Year looming ahead of us, our goals, dreams and aspirations become our main priority again. We want to write a better story for ourselves in the upcoming months, we want to fare better and become the improved version of ourselves.

All of this, of course, is completely achievable.
With the right mindset, persistence and dedication.
And not the least—with a healthy dose of self-love and appreciation.

Here are my tips on how to cultivate a New and Improved You in 2019:

1. Show up and do the work. Let’s put it bluntly: You can’t expect to have a positive outcome in becoming more self-assured if you don’t invest any time and effort. It’s very much like going to the gym—you can’t have the results you want if you don’t work out and really sweat. And no one else can do the work for you.

So, commit to work on enhancing your confidence next year. 

2. Change your narrative. It’s barely a secret—the way you view and regard yourself starts in the mind. It’s about your thoughts–if you generally like or dislike yourself.  But also remember this—the world is not  there to get you. Really. It’s you who must go out there and demand respect.
Naturally, you can’t do this if you think you are less than others.

So, start appreciating and thinking kindly of yourself and others will follow suit. 

3. Care about yourself—Don’t underestimate the benefits of good self-care. Commit to get enough sleep, dress nicely, carry yourself with respect. Only the feeling that you are doing something about yourself serves as a great confidence booster.

So, remember that better self-esteem starts with the Self. 

4. Reinforce your identity. When going through the motions of the everydays, it’s sometimes easy to forget the person that you were years ago—when you were young and full of hopes and dreams—what this person wanted for themselves, what they valued, what inspired them.
This season, ruminate on the things that you wanted to achieve, on what you’ve accomplished so far and why you are proud of yourself. Remind yourself of your journey.

So, to improve your self-esteem, say to the Man in the mirror every day: “I love you, no matter what. You are my most favourite person in the world.” Feel the magic of self-love. 

5. Write it down. It’s no secret that keeping a diary can helps us in many ways—from dealing with anxiety, stress and other mental health issues to various self-improvement outcomes. The reason this simple task works is that it consciously focuses our attention on what matters and makes us think of ways to make it better for us.

In terms of confidence, what I’ve found to work great for me and what I recommend is writing down three things every day: one thing that went well, one thing that you wished ended differently and one thing that you learned.

This exercise helps you focus simultaneously on your strengths, on the things you need to work on improving and on learning. All of these are magical confidence enhancers, indeed.

So, buy a notebook and write away.

6. Finally, spend some time with your loved ones. Be present and savour every moment. Because you’ll never get it back.

Psychologists tell us that feelings of belonging are one of the greatest creators and boosters of lasting self-esteem. It’s the sense that we are accepted and respected, regardless of who we are, what we do and how much money we have in the bank—just for being ourselves. Such feelings ground us and make our worlds more secure. 

So, hold on to your friends and family—you need them if you want to improve your sense of self-worth.

. . . 

While goals are important and believing in yourself is perhaps the best predictor for achieving your aspirations, don’t forget to have some good time too!  Relax, smile, and take a breather—sometimes, that’s all you need to bring you back our energy and mojo.
Happy Holidays! 
Looking forward to our confidence journey next year!


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