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Why do we sabotage our relationships, careers, and chances to succeed?

If you are a low esteemer, you probably have been down this rabbit hole way too many times—sabotaging your way to happiness, to good relationships, to promotions, recognition, a well-deserved moment in the limelight. In retrospect, your behaviour may often leave you wrestle your own mind—it may seem so illogical, bizarre, and counter-intuitive to everything …

What can good sushi teach us about success and confidence?- Plenty, it seems.

Success and confidence can come from different sources, we all know this, some more prevalent or lasting than others. We often think that the “pursuit of more” will bring us greater satisfaction — that if we are the fairest and the richest in the land, our sense of worth will sky-rocket and will stay up forever. And when it doesn’t, we are thrown in a turmoil of disappointment and dissatisfaction.