1. Fernando

    Hi Evelyn,

    Congratulations for your articles! I found them at Addicted2success and they are really good.

    I’m writing you to ask you something: at we’re looking for contributors for our blog. Maybe you’ll be interested to write there. Your articles are really good and I think that your style and topics would be a perfect fit.

    The process is the following one: if you find the idea interesting, you just fill the form below. We’ll evaluate your submission and get back to you within two weeks. We want to keep this exclusive and with high quality, that’s why you will not find a “contribute” button in our website. It only works by invitation.

    Once you are part of the contributors of Talentese you’ll be invited to a closed group in Google where you’ll be able to network with other contributors and benefit from that network too. Of course, each of your articles will have your biography with your own links and you’ll get traffic to your own website.

    If this sounds interesting, please just fill out the form and send me a very short feedback when you’ll have it done.

    Looking forward to hearing from you and having you onboard!


    1. Post
      Evelyn Marinoff

      Hi Fernando,
      Thank you for reaching out and for considering me for your website. I’m happy you enjoyed my pieces on A2S.
      I will definitely take a look at your site to get the feeling of your topics, voice, etc. and will let you know if anything of interest to your readers comes to mind!
      thanks again,

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