Confidence Tip of the Day

At the end of the day, our worth should be determined by our strengths, built through our successes, but more importantly– through our failings and the lessons we learn along the way.

We all want to be successful and thriving, but how many are willing to accept the dark side of the coin–that victory is only possible if we learn how to accept failure, to get up, dust off and to keep moving?

Failing is not sexy -true- you don’t get praise for it, nor you get recognized. But we should. Because it’s part of growing, of becoming stronger, of fine-tuning our craft. 

So, next time you don’t get the ending that you were hoping for, remember: Failure toughens us up and makes us ready for the success we are after. Our self-esteem should grow, not plummet, every time we fall and get up.

Because it means that you still here, still standing, and no adversities can break you.

Don’t give up because you didn’t succeed once. Learn your lessons, dust yourself off, try again–harder and smarter this time around.


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