Confidence Hack for Today

Presence of fear is not the absence of self-esteem.

On the contrary–confidence is our ability to move forward.

And not necessarily away from our fears, but sometimes along with them.

We all have heard the saying that there is no perfect timing. And it’s also true in terms of building confidence.

The perfect timing comes when we decide to create it– to make space to focus on ourselves, to take care of ourselves, to fall in love with ourselves again.

We can’t live in fear all the time– that things won’t work out, that we will fail. This creates anxiety which damages our confidence and undermines our self-esteem.

But once we name our monsters and we face them, their power over us will decrease…

And it makes sense–we will be so proud of ourselves once we stand up to what scares us the most. 

Self-pride is, naturally, large part of self-respect and having good self-esteem. 

So, put a name on your fears, face them, and learn to keep going in spite of them.

Remember, you are not alone– everyone fears the future, or failure, or losing loved ones, or not making it…The difference with confident people is that they believe they have a great say in how things will play out.

The belief we have control is one of the most powerful confidence boosters.


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